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Dance Links

ICBDA formerly URDC
Great Technical Figure Manual Online.
If you dance Phase 4-6 you should support.

Dixie Round Dance Council, DRDC
Good list of Dance Weekend and Weeks.

Round a Lab
List of Classic Dances and Cues.

Roger Ward Cue Sheet Site
Another place to find Cue Sheets.

Round Dance Videos

by Art and Jacque Hayes

by Glen and Helen

by Sanford

Link from Arizona (Gene.Severance)

AZ Dance Message Board & Dance Videos

Valley Links

Winter Texas Connection

Guide to Rio Grande Valley
by The Rio Grande Valley Partnership
Chamber of Commerce.

Rio Grande Valley Square Dance
Site maintained by Decah Lipscomb


Aviation Weather
My Favorite Detail 3 Day Forecast

Rio Grande Valley
Round Dancer's Picture Directory

2017 Valley Round Dance Picture Directory with 2019 adds. By Bob & Carol Heiser

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